Summer is here and the busyness of life, at least for your kids, have slowed down a bit (hopefully). With the slower schedule, now is the best time to schedule your child’s orthodontics appointment.

If your child has crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth, then you should consider getting them braces to give them a perfectly aligned and strong smile. At our southwest Houston dental clinic, we provide 3M metal braces and Invisalign braces to our patients. Both types of teeth aligners can quickly begin to straighten your child’s teeth.


When coming to Centra Dental for your child’s orthodontics appointment, there are several steps that must be taken before applying braces to their teeth. Our dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your child’s teeth and overall oral structure. This is done through dental X-rays and conducting a personal examination.

Once we establish the severity of their dental structure, we will be able to pinpoint precisely the type of braces they should receive. If the teeth are severely misaligned or gapped, then metal braces are typically preferable since they are the strongest. These 3M metal braces will move teeth into an aligned position more quickly than Invisalign, and they are less expensive. Our metal braces start at less than $2,000.

With Invisalign braces, these are typically for less severe cases. These clear plastic tray aligners do not shift teeth into place as quickly, but they do so efficiently, effectively, and without being very noticeable. Since these braces are plastic, youth are more apt to choose these types because they don’t cause a major change to their appearance.


Whether you choose metal braces or Invisalign, making the choice during the summer enables your child to get used to the braces before school starts back up. If your child needs braces, then contact our dental office in southwest Houston and schedule their summer dental appointment today.

It’s the end of May and summer is fast approaching. Now is a great time to head over to Centra Dental before the start of the summer break. For whatever your dental needs, our dental clinic in southwest Houston is here to provide the solutions. One major issue many of our patients need help with the misalignment of their teeth.

Creating straight smiles is a part of dentistry we love. Our orthodontics is one of the best and least expensive in the Greater Houston area. We provide patients - teens and adults - with their choice of metal braces or Invisalign.


We think any time of the year is a great time for getting braces, but the summer offers some great opportunities, especially for kids and teens.

  • THE BREAK: With the summer break, kids and teens will be able to get adjusted to their braces without having to take up their weekends for regular visits. Their free time will keep parents from having to rush around as well, allowing them months to prepare for how to schedule their regular visits to get their kid’s braces adjusted and tightened.
  • GETTING USED TO BRACES: Braces, whether metal or Invisalign, takes some getting used to. During the summer months, kids are able to adjust to wearing braces without having to deal with them in overly public places, like the school cafeteria. They can figure out how to keep them clean and what to expect while eating certain things.
  • NO SHOCK VALUE: When wearing braces, especially 3M metal braces, there can be a drastic change to your appearance. Taking the summer to “wear them in” can help with getting used to having braces.


Now is a great time to schedule your braces appointment or a braces appointment for your child or teenager. We look forward to getting their smile straight and beautiful.

At our dental office in southwest Houston, we know all about the need for braces, especially for teens. Having a straight smile is an important element for a kid’s life, and getting them straightened almost unnoticeably is a huge plus. We can do this for your teenager at Centra Dental through Invisalign Teen.

If your middle or high school kid has crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth, then you should consider bringing them to our dental office. We will create a custom set of plastic tray aligners called Invisalign that will fit their teeth perfectly. These set of braces are not permanent because they have to be changed every so often.

Much like metal braces that have be tightened every few weeks, the Invisalign Teen braces have to be replaced with new ones every few weeks too. This keeps the braces tight on the teeth to force them into the correct position.


The obvious reason why people, and teens in particular, prefer Invisalign over metal braces is because they aren’t very noticeable. Unlike the 3M metal braces, which are obvious due to the metal tangs and strands, the Invisalign braces clear throughout. These are placed over the teeth like mouthguards.

It isn’t about keeping braces a secret. It’s simply that most patients prefer not to have a major change to their appearance. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen allow this.

These custom-fitted braces are also removable for approximately two hours per day, which can’t be done with metal braces. This allows for thorough brushing and cleaning of teeth. It also allows for patients to eat food without braces.


If you or your teen needs braces, then contact our Houston dental clinic today and schedule your orthodontics appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve a straight, healthy and beautiful smile.

Do your kids’ teeth need straightening? If so, our southwest Houston dental office offers fantastic orthodontics with metal braces and Invisalign. As well as great orthodontics, our braces are very affordable. Starting at $1,995, our dental office is here to provide our patients with the option of inexpensive orthodontics.

Braces have become very important for so many people and for so many reasons. Braces not only provide kids and adults with straight teeth to build their confidence and self-esteem, but it also greatly impacts their health. Quite often, dental insurance will cover braces if they are necessary for the health of the patient.

But how can braces be an oral health solution? Here’s how:

  • COMBAT TOOTH DECAY: Braces, whether our 3M metal braces or clear Invisalign, straighten teeth that are gapped, misaligned or severely crooked (commonly referred to as malocclusion). When these teeth are properly aligned and straight, it eliminates areas where food particles can hide and create plaque build up, which can lead to cavities.
  • STRENGTHEN TEETH: When teeth are separated from each other because of how they grow in, they can become weakened because they don’t have the proper support to withstand the constant rigor of everyday oral functions, like chewing food, clenching, and talking. By shifting teeth in line, this establishes a stronger foundation for them, which ensures they last longer and are stronger for everyday use.
  • HELP WITH DAILY MAINTENANCE: When teeth are straight, this helps conduct daily oral maintenance, like brushing and flossing. It also ensures patients won’t have as much food particles and plaque to remove because the particles can’t get into the crevices.


Contact our dental office in southwest Houston and schedule your orthodontics appointment for you, your kids, or whoever in your family needs them. Our dentists look forward to providing you with the best and most affordable dental treatment available.

Centra Dental, located in southwest Houston, is known for providing incredibly affordable metal braces. Now our dental clinic offers Invisalign braces. These braces are clear plastic tray aligners that are perfect for straightening teeth without it being completely obvious.

Compared to metal braces, Invisalign are practically unnoticeable. This allows for teeth to become straightened without the visible metal tangs across the teeth. There are numerous benefits to Invisalign in comparison to metal braces.


  • CLEAR BRACES: Some patients, especially older patients, defer getting braces because they don’t want a massive change to their appearance. These braces can build confidence while straightening teeth.
  • COMFORT: Compared to metal braces, the clear plastic tray aligners don’t have to be worn all the time. These braces can actually be removed for up to two and sometimes three hours per day. These few hours allow for oral maintenance and eating.
  • REMOVABLE: As mentioned in the previous reason, these braces are removable so you aren’t stuck with them on just in case you need a “breather” from them. This is not recommended to do very often. The braces need to remain on the teeth for at least 21-22 hours per day in order for the teeth to straighten on schedule.


These Invisalign braces are a little more expensive than the metal braces at Centra Dental. If you or one of your family members are hoping for straight teeth, but at a more affordable price, then our metal braces are perfect. Our 3M metal braces start at $1,995, which is much less than most other Houston dental offices.


If you’re ready to begin the path to straight teeth and a beautiful smile, then contact our southwest Houston dental clinic and schedule your orthodontics appointment. Our dentists and dental staff look forward to perfecting your smile.

Spring is officially here. Spring is a time a blooming flowers and thriving trees. The birds come back to town and the weather altogether is typically beautiful. These are great times to meet up with friends at the beach or the bar or for house parties. It’s a perfect time to take photos and show off your dazzling smile. But what is you don’t have a dazzling smile?

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your smile, then our orthodontics can help get you the smile you’ve always wanted. Since it’s spring, we think braces are a great way to start off this season.

Our dentists at Centra Dental are here to make sure you are able to achieve the perfect smile. Our affordable 3M metal braces make it possible for just about anyone to have a great smile. The orthodontics treatment at our dental office start at $1995.


At our dental office in southwest Houston, we provide braces for kids and adults. Regardless of your age, if you have teeth that are gapped, misaligned, or crooked, then we can ensure your teeth become straightened.

Our dentist meets with each patient during their ortho appointment and discusses how braces work. We answer any and all questions and concerns a patient may have, including the cost, the time, and the possible outcome. Before providing braces to a patient, our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of their mouth to ensure they receive the proper treatment. After this examination, our dentist addresses the specific issues in the patient’s mouth. From there, braces are prescribed and provided. Afterward the patient receives their braces, they are required to come back every couple of weeks for straightening of the braces. This ensures that the teeth will straighten faster.


If you are in need of braces, then contact our dental office close to Almeda. Our dental staff looks forward to assisting you and your family to get the best smiles you can.

March is here, which means spring break is right around the corner! This is the perfect time for kids to come get their braces.

Schools in Texas have spring break either March 10-18 or March 17-25. If you know when your child is getting off for spring break and you know they need braces, then contact our dental office in southwest Houston to schedule an orthodontics appointment.

Spring break provides an entire week that your child doesn’t have to be in school. This makes it much easier to schedule a dental appointment for them, especially an orthodontics appointment. These schedule openings are going fast, however, which means if you plan to bring your child in during their week off, you should do it now.


If your child suffers from gapped, misaligned, or severely crooked teeth, then you should consider getting them braces. Our 3M metal braces are some of the most affordable braces in Houston, which makes it easier on families to get braces.

If you have dental insurance, then your benefits could pay for the braces - either in part or in full. This is possible when your child is proven to benefit health-wise from receiving benefits. Patients who suffer from malocclusion - severely crooked teeth - are commonly covered by dental insurance. When teeth are severely crooked, then the patient can suffer from poor oral health because food particles can hide in between and around teeth. When this happens, plaque begins to build up, which can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other health issues.


At Centra Dental, our goal is to ensure every patient - young and old - are able to receive the very best in braces and general dentistry. Call our dental office in southwest Houston close to Almeda for your braces appointment.

A person’s smile is part of a person’s features that is most recognizable. Since Valentine’s Day has just passed, it may be a good idea to start looking ahead to the next one and start working to perfect your smile.

Centra Dental provides braces for kids and adults. Our orthodontics works to perfect and beautify your smile. Our 3M metal braces start at just $1995, which makes getting braces affordable.


If your teeth are currently crooked, misaligned, or gapped, and you don’t like how they appear, then you should consider orthodontics. Getting braces will straighten and perfect your teeth so that you can have a beautiful smile.

Our Houston dentists take the time to thoroughly check every patient’s mouth to see how long the braces will take to straighten their teeth and what type of braces would work best. Our orthodontics treatments vary from patient to patient, so receiving a thorough oral checkup is absolutely necessary.

Typically, braces take about 12 to 24 months to complete their treatment. Afterward, a retainer is required to be worn to make certain the teeth do not shift and move back to any original out of line positions.

Throughout the treatment process, patients are required to come return for oral adjustments every few weeks. Our south Houston dentists will inform you of how consistently you will need to return for these adjustment procedures.


Affordable braces is typically a term that doesn’t go together, but at Centra Dental, we’ve made it possible. Our dental office also takes most dental insurance plans, which means you won’t have to pay for the complete braces treatment out of pocket. Be certain to use your dental insurance for your braces.

Our dental staff will answer any questions you may have regarding dental insurance and how to utilize it for an orthodontics procedure. Contact our south Houston dental practice today. We look forward to providing you with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Centra Dental’s braces deal has become known throughout the Houston area to be practically unbeatable. Our goal at our south Houston dental office is to provide Houstonians with the opportunity to purchase braces at an affordable price. We understand how expensive this often very necessary dental procedure can be.

Starting at just $1995, patients of every age can begin their journey to straight and beautiful teeth. With the use of dental insurance, patients can expect to pay very minimally out of pocket. This has been incredibly helpful for many of our patients who were under the impression that they could not afford braces for themselves or for their children.


Making braces affordable in Houston means that countless people can have the chance to have healthier and more beautiful teeth for the rest of their lives. By straightening their teeth, this can greatly reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease by ensuring that plaque buildup between and around teeth doesn’t happen. Of course, patients will need to continue to properly maintain their oral health through brushing twice per day, flossing daily, rinsing with mouthwash, and visiting the dentist every six months.

This being said, kids and adults alike who have been hesitant about smiling freely can now smile, laugh, and talk without hesitation or embarrassment.

Crooked, misaligned and gapped teeth have been known to create a deterrent for kids and adults to be as social as they want to be. When teeth are straightened through orthodontics, it positively impacts their self esteem. This encourages interaction with others and provides them with the confidence to take on leadership roles.


If you have crooked or gapped teeth, contact Centra Dental, the best dental office in southwest Houston. Our orthodontist will conduct a thorough exam of your teeth and ensure you receive the right braces for your teeth so that you can smile freely again. We look forward to providing you and your family with beautiful smiles.

More often than not, adults think braces are too expensive and can’t be afforded. They often put orthodontics off to the side until enough money is saved or just never do it because they’re under the impression they won’t be able to afford it. At Centra Dental, we are here to say that you can afford braces and you can afford them now.

Our dental practice in southwest Houston offers oral metal braces starting at the low price of $1995. This makes braces very affordable, and our dental staff will work with you on making them even more affordable by putting you on a simple payment plan. You are able to break up the payments on a monthly basis, which helps ease the process of settling into your braces.


There are several steps to finding the perfect fit for your braces. Here’s how to go about finding the best braces for you:

  • SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you are ready to purchase your set of braces, then contact our Houston dental clinic today and schedule your orthodontics appointment. Our dental staff will make sure you have a time that is suitable for you and will answer your questions regarding dental insurance usage.
  • THOROUGH EXAM: Once the appointment has been set, come to our dental office and our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and oral structure. From there, we will be able to assess which braces will work best, how long the braces will take to straighten your teeth, and how much it will cost.
  • GET YOUR BRACES: Once the examination is complete, we will construct your braces, place them on your teeth, and you will be on the path to straight teeth. You will have to come in every so often for readjustments. Our dentist will inform you of how often that will be.


Schedule your orthodontics appointment today and get your braces soon. There’s no time like the present to get a beautiful and straight smile.