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Tooth Extraction

 A tooth extraction can seem like a very daunting dental procedure. This procedure, although considered oral surgery, isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. There is practically no pain involved because of the numbing effect around the specified tooth and it is rather quick process.

Tooth extraction is a restorative dental procedure that removes the tooth from the mouth. The dental team at Centra Dental understand some of the anxieties and concerns associated with the extraction and removal of teeth. This is why we take every precaution to ensure that the entire extraction process, from beginning to the end, is as painless and pleasant as possible.

Why Should I Receive a Tooth Extraction?

There are various reasons why may need to have a tooth removed. The most common reason for extraction is tooth damage due to breakage or decay. Another typical reason is because of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth grow at the very end of the molars and can be very difficult to reach. The primary reason for these being removed, however, is because they can grow too high and create malocclusion, or they can grow awkwardly and begin to push on the other teeth. If there is pressure on the other teeth, it can cause them to shift and become crooked.

Those are the main reasons for a tooth extraction, but here are some additional reasons for a tooth extraction:

  • Severe tooth decay or infection (acute or chronic alveolar abscess)
  • Supernumerary teeth which are blocking other teeth from coming in
  • Severe gum disease which may affect the supporting tissues and bone structures of teeth
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Fractured teeth or teeth in the fracture line
  • Teeth which cannot be restored endodontically
  • Supernumerary, supplementary or malformed teeth
  • Prosthetics; teeth detrimental to the fit or appearance of dentures
  • Insufficient space for wisdom teeth (impacted third molars)
  • Cosmetic; teeth of poor appearance, unsuitable for restoration
  • Reduced cost compared to other treatments

Be sure to contact Centra Dental at 713-352-1259 to schedule a consultation to determine whether you need to undergo tooth extraction. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to explain all the options available.

Most of our dental services are covered by Medicaid, CHIP and most dental insurance.