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Teeth Cleaning

Everyday our teeth undergo a lot of stress, just from chewing or talking or keeping our mouths closed. They are also inundated with all types of possible issues due to the foods and drinks we consume. There are sugars in just about everything we eat or drink and if we aren’t vigilant about the health of our teeth, issues, like cavities, can easily approach.

Benefits of a Teeth Cleaning

This is why consistent teeth cleanings are very important. A dental cleaning removes built up plaque that can’t be removed by simply brushing. Many people do not floss as often as they should (daily) and therefore leave food particles in the crevices of teeth and other hard to reach places. Teeth cleanings on a recommended six-month cycle will allow your dentist to find small problems before they become big problems. It is much easier to remove a small cavity than to perform a root canal. This happens very often when a patient does not visit their dentist regularly and cavities spread, grow deeper toward the root, and therefore require much more work. These more complex dental procedure also cost more than simple dental fillings.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important, not only in promoting the overall health of your teeth and gums, it can also aid in the prevention other health problems, such as strokes, heart disease, and even diabetes.

A professional dental cleaning can significantly improve your oral health by identifying and addressing the specific areas that need attention. This is why we recommend that you visit the Centra Dental office at least twice a year (every six months) for a thorough dental examination and cleaning.

The friendly and professional staff at Centra Dental will help ensure that you and your family given the best possible care while you're here with us. Be sure to contact us at 713-433-7500 to schedule your next teeth cleaning.

Most of our dental services are covered by Medicaid, CHIP and most dental insurance.