Foods to Avoid With Houston Braces

Foods to Avoid With Houston Braces

While braces are an effective way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, they come with sacrifices regarding your diet. Houston braces correct crooked or misaligned teeth as well as bite issues, but only if you’re disciplined in caring for them. One important aspect of orthodontic maintenance is being mindful of the things you eat. Whether you’re wearing metal or Houston ceramic braces, you could damage them if you aren’t careful about the following types of food.

Food That Gets Stuck

Since braces are composed of tiny brackets and wires, food gets easily stuck in practically any corner. Avoid nuts, seeds, and popcorn, as they can settle in areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Food that gets stuck in your Houston braces means creating a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria are what cause cavities, tartar, and other tooth caries.

Food That Is Sticky

Examples of sticky food that your Houston dentist will tell you to avoid are chewing gum, candy, taffy, and licorice. If you have a sweet tooth for these treats, it’s time you consume them in moderation. Especially for children, it’s important to remind them to brush their teeth immediately after eating these sticky delights. As a parent, you can offer them only after mealtime instead of serving them as a snack.

Food That Is Too Crunchy

Even though your Houston family dentist made sure to cement your brackets in place, they can still get damaged from food that is too hard. Crunchy stuff like chips, tacos shells, pretzels, tough vegetables, and even ice should be avoided. They can cause the wires and brackets to loosen and break. Although your Houston braces can be repaired, it’s still an inconvenience having to visit the dentist for emergency purposes.

Honorable Mentions

Another food type to avoid are those that you have to bite into, such as corn on the cob, whole apples, and hard bread. You can easily lose a bracket or two for these foods. Instead, slice them into bite-size pieces to save yourself an unexpected trip to the dental office.

Food You Can Enjoy

Having Houston braces doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious food that you love. There is still a wide assortment of food that is good for your dental treatment. Mashed potatoes, pasta, yogurt, soft fruit, cheese, and peanut butter are just a few examples. Being informed on what can damage your braces will get you to your desired smile faster.

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What Happens After You Get Your South Houston Braces Off? Tips on Maintaining Your New Smile

Getting your braces removed after months or even years of sacrifice is an exciting feeling. Finally, your new and improved smile is ready to make its debut. But your orthodontic journey isn’t over just because your South Houston braces are off; aftercare is another important stage. If you want your beautiful set of teeth to maintain its glory, you must stay disciplined and follow your South Houston dentist’s tips. Here are a few things you can do after removal of braces.

Right After Removal

Immediately after your brackets and wires have been removed, your dentist will perform a thorough cleaning to make sure no cement is left. This also ensures that no tartar or cavity develops. During the first few hours after your visit, it’s common to have slightly swollen gums and sensitive teeth. Take it easy on the first few days with the food you eat. Don’t consume hard and sticky food right away, no matter how eager you are. You might also notice discoloration on the spots where your brackets used to be—this is normal. They may fade over time, but if the discoloration still bothers you after 6 months, you can ask your South Houston family dentist about teeth whitening.

Caring for Your Retainers

Once your South Houston braces are removed, your teeth are still prone to movement and repositioning. To prevent a relapse, you’ll need to wear dental retainers. They can either be fixed or removable retainers, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. Some patients may need to wear retainers for less than a year, while some may need to wear it for several years. Being diligent about your retainers ensures that you maintain the corrections done on your teeth. Also remember to clean your retainers daily using soap and water or whatever your dentist instructs.

Establishing Healthy Habits

There’s no doubt that you should maintain good oral hygiene with or without South Houston braces. Remember to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Continue visiting your dentist twice a year for a general cleaning. You should also visit your orthodontist regularly to check on your retainers. Also be mindful of pain in your wisdom teeth because they can alter the position of the rest of your teeth.

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How to Care for Your South Houston Dental Braces

If you’re wearing dental braces, then you’re on your way to achieving a more confident, beautiful smile. South Houston dental braces are an effective treatment for misaligned teeth and bite problems. To keep you on the right track, make sure you’re taking care of your braces by practicing good oral hygiene. Patients with braces, especially children, need to pay extra attention to hygiene to prevent cavities and gum disease. Read on for tips on how to care for your braces.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

If you wear South Houston braces, you’re at risk for cavities since food gets easily stuck in the metal wires and brackets. This is why the importance of brushing at least twice a day can’t be stressed enough. You can use a special orthodontic brush to get into every corner of your metal dental braces. Make sure to brush each bracket in a circular motion then go across until you get to every tooth. Rinse well with water or mouth wash.

Floss Every Day

Having South Houston dental braces means there are areas that can’t be reached with regular brushing alone. Make sure to floss once a day to get rid of all food particles. Pay extra attention to stubborn areas to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Avoid Certain Food

The downside of metal braces is that there are some food you should avoid. Certain food can damage your brackets, leading you to an unexpected visit to your South Houston family dentist. For your convenience, be extra careful when consuming the following:

  • Hard foods like candy, apples, and nuts
  • Sticky foods like caramel, chewing gum, and licorice
  • Sugar foods that can cause cavities
  • Crunchy foods like popcorn and chips

Visit Your Dentist Monthly

When undergoing treatment with South Houston dental braces, you will need to visit the dentist’s chair around once a month. Your South Houston dentist will need to keep adjusting your braces to make sure of your progress. They can also recommend you for general cleaning once every 6 months. If you have any questions about caring for your braces, don’t hesitate to ask them. They’ll be more than happy to keep your oral health in the best state possible.

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Traditional Houston Braces vs. Invisalign: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing the right dental treatment for you can be a challenge because all types of braces have their benefits. You can achieve a straighter, more confident smile whichever way you go. However, not all Houston braces are perfect for your lifestyle and dental condition. Both Invisalign and traditional braces have their cons, but both can be effective. To find out which one suits you better, continue reading below.

Traditional Braces

Also known as metal braces, this type involves brackets that are cemented to your teeth and connected with a wire. Most kids and teens get this kind of Houston braces, particularly when their bones are just starting to set in. 

Pros of Traditional Braces

Houston metal braces are suitable even for the most serious overcrowding and crooked teeth. They treat other dental issues, such as overbites, underbites, and overspacing, which are too severe for Invisalign. Traditional braces are considered to be the more powerful method when repositioning teeth. They also get the desired results in a shorter amount of time compared to other braces.

Cons of Traditional Braces

Some people aren’t too keen about the appearance of metal braces since they look too obvious. They may also get uncomfortable if the wires scrape against the inside of your cheek. This can be addressed using dental wax. If you’re getting metal braces, you’d have to get them adjusted every month, which may be painful for up to 4 days after each visit. You will also need to be careful of what you eat, as some food may damage metal braces.


Made from flexible plastic, Invisalign is popular among adults with mild to moderate dental issues. They are clear aligners custom made for you and replaced when it’s time to move up your progress. 

Pros of Invisalign

The biggest advantage of Invisalign is its appearance. They are far less obvious than metal braces, so they are perfect for adults who don’t want a drastic change to their look. You can also remove Invisalign when you’re eating or taking pictures as long as you wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day. They are much more comfortable to wear and won’t cause abrasions to your mouth.

Cons of Invisalign

This type of Houston braces is not meant for challenging cases that can only be solved by metal braces. They are also more expensive and require strict discipline. It’s important to visit your Houston family dentist as instructed to keep you on the right track.

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South Houston Invisalign for Adults

Orthodontic treatments aren’t just for kids; they are perfectly suitable even for adults. If you’re someone who wants to improve their smile and feel more confident, Invisalign could be the solution you’re looking for. They effectively treat a range of dental issues, such as crooked teeth and bite problems. Even as an adult with teeth that have already set in, you will still get noticeable results. Continue reading below to know more about South Houston Invisalign.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligners made from BPA-free plastic that are custom-designed for the patient. They reposition teeth without the use of metal, such as in traditional braces. Invisalign offers a comfortable and precise way for you to achieve your ideal smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

Effectively Treats Dental Issues

South Houston Invisalign corrects crooked teeth as well as bite issues, like overbites and underbites. They treat overcrowded teeth and close unwanted gaps not only for aesthetic purposes but also to improve your oral health. Take note that Invisalign only treats mild to moderate cases. Severe cases may call for traditional South Houston braces.

Less Visible Than Metal Braces

If you’re looking for a less conspicuous dental treatment, then your South Houston family dentist may recommend Invisalign. Since they are virtually transparent, they aren’t as noticeable in person and in pictures. This is especially convenient for teens and adults who don’t want a drastic change to their appearance.

Can Be Removed by the Patient

Patients can remove their Invisalign as they choose. This is handy when you have a photoshoot or a big event coming up. However, your South Houston dentist will instruct you to wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you aren’t diligent about your wear time, your Invisalign won’t be as effective. 

Offers Results in a Shorter Time Frame

Invisalign is personalized to you, which is why treatment duration can be shorter. During your first visit, your dentist will take 3D impressions of your teeth. When you come back, you’ll have your Invisalign fitted. After that, you will return every 2 weeks to have new Invisalign customized so that your progress is kept on track.

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The Process of Getting South Houston Metal Braces

Getting braces can be nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect. After all, treatment with braces is a long-term commitment that requires monthly visits to the dentist’s chair. But the sacrifice soon pays off, as you’re rewarded with a more confident, beautiful smile. South Houston metal braces are effective in correcting crooked or misaligned teeth as well as bite issues. To alleviate some of your stress, our South Houston dentist has laid out what you can expect from the entire experience.

Referral and Initial Consultation

Usually, a South Houston family dentist is the first to notice if you or your child needs braces. They will refer you to an orthodontist who specializes in your dental concern. During the first consultation, your orthodontist will carefully examine your teeth and take X-rays or impressions. They will also ask you about your dental history to create a treatment plan fit for your needs. 

Placement of Braces

During your fitting, your dentist will place a cheek retractor to keep your teeth visible and dry. They will prep your teeth by polishing, conditioning, and priming them for protection. Metal brackets are placed on each of your teeth using dental cement. Your dentist strategically places the brackets and wires to correct any gaps, overcrowding, and bite issues. The entire fitting procedure may take 1 to 2 hours.

Regular Visits

It’s important to visit your dentist regularly, at least once a month to ensure your progress. During each visit, your dentist will tighten the wires or reposition brackets as they see fit. You can expect mild pain or discomfort shortly after an adjustment, as your teeth are being moved to their proper position. The pain is temporary and usually goes away after 3 to 4 days. 

Maintaining Your Braces

Your dentist will teach you about proper hygiene and care for your South Houston metal braces. You’re still required to come in for regular dental cleaning to prevent cavities and tooth decay. You may also be asked to wear dental elastics to aid in your treatment. If you feel sharp pain due to your braces chafing your skin, you can ask for dental wax.

Removal of Braces

The average duration of treatment is 1 to 3 years, depending on the severity of your condition. Removal is relatively fast and painless. You’ll be happy with the results of your new and improved smile.

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Does Every Houston Braces Patient Need a Retainer?

Getting your Houston braces removed after a significant amount of time wearing them is in itself a reward. Doing so allows you to fully appreciate the improvement your Houston family dentist has done on your pearly whites. Our helpful and caring staff are familiar with the glowing smile radiating from patients who have just had their Houston braces removed. However, your treatment is not yet over because you will most probably have to wear a retainer. In this article, our top-rated Houston dentist will discuss why Houston braces patients need to wear a retainer after their treatment.

How Houston Braces Work?

As you probably may well know, your Houston braces work by applying constant force to your teeth and jaw to slowly coax them into the desired position. These forces are applied to your teeth through brackets that are glued to them and the archwire that are tethered to the brackets. As your braces move your teeth, your top-rated Houston family dentist performs regular adjustment to get your teeth to move to the target position.

We think of teeth and jaws as fairly fixed parts of our mouth and are quite immovable. So how do your teeth move during a Houston braces treatment? Your teeth are attached to your jaw through your gums and fibrous ligaments. The gums and fibrous ligaments are what is being acted upon by the forces coming from your Houston ceramic braces.

What Does a Retainer Do After Houston Braces?

During the treatment, the gums and fibrous ligaments that hold your teeth become loose. When the braces are removed, the gums don’t tighten for a while so they offer no resistance to your teeth moving around. This is why almost all patients who have undergone a Houston Braces treatment will have to wear a retainer.

The length of time you will need to wear a retainer after your Houston metal braces treatment will vary depending on your Houston family dentist’s assessment of your situation but it is typically for several months to a year or longer. Wearing a retainer will help your teeth keep their new positions. Retainers help prevent this from happening by holding your teeth in place until your gums and fibrous ligaments stabilize and adapt to the new tooth positions.

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Is South Houston Invisalign Really Effective?

Do you want straighter teeth without having to get metal braces? Invisalign is a great option for adults who want to correct dental issues using a subtle, clear aligner. Made from a flexible thermoplastic material, South Houston Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment less conspicuous.  But does Invisalign really work? Let’s take a look at the benefits of this advanced dental treatment.

Pros of Invisalign

Less Visible

A selling point of South Houston Invisalign is its near transparency. Compared to traditional South Houston braces, Invisalign is not easily noticeable when worn. Many adults choose Invisalign so they can go about their lives without a drastic change in appearance.

Fixes Dental Issues

Just like other types of braces, Invisalign treats a range of misaligned and crooked teeth. It also corrects bite problems, such as overbites and underbites. If you have mild to moderate overcrowding or too much spacing, your South Houston dentist may recommend Invisalign over other types of braces.

Can Be Removed

Metal and ceramic braces are fixed to your teeth, but South Houston Invisalign can be removed. If you have an important event or photo shoot, you can take off your Invisalign for an hour or so. You must also remove it when eating and brushing. Keep in mind though not to remove it for more than 2 hours or it may affect your treatment progress.

Customized to You

Invisalign is effective because it is customized specifically to your orthodontic needs. Your South Houston family dentist takes an accurate 3D scan of your teeth. After your first set of Invisalign does its job, you will graduate from them and move on to the next custom set. This way, they are fitted according to your evolving bite until you get the desired results.

Ways to Make Invisalign More Effective

Keep in mind that Invisalign is not designed for complex dental issues. These are reserved for traditional braces that put stronger pressure on teeth. To maintain the progress of your Invisalign treatment, you must strictly comply with your dentist’s instructions. Invisalign requires daily cleaning. Make sure not to subject your aligners to unsuitable conditions, as the plastic can warp. If you think you altered the fit in any way, visit your dentist so your treatment is not held back. Also remember to wear your Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day to achieve its full benefits.

Start Treatment With South Houston Invisalign

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