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How Metal Houston Braces Work

How Metal Houston Braces Work

Approximately 4 million Americans wear braces at any given time due to malocclusions. A malocclusion is what we refer to as a “bad bite” or an “unideal bite”. Although we offer ceramic dental braces and even Invisalign in addition to metal Houston braces, we like to recommend metal dental braces for a variety of cases, simply because they are the strongest and are effective on virtually all malocclusions. In this article, our South Houston dentist will explain how metal dental braces work to correct malocclusions. 

What Are Metal Braces Made Of

In order to understand how metal dental braces work, we first have to explain how they are designed. At their most basic level, metal Houston braces are made up of 3 components.

  • Metal brackets, which are glued to the front of the teeth utilizing dental cement.
  • Archwire, which is laid across the brackets.
  • O-rings, which help attach the archwire to the brackets and keep everything in place.

How Metal Houston Braces Straighten Your Teeth

Whether you’re an adult in need of dental braces or are doing some research because your child may need braces soon, metal braces are a great method to correct a bad bite that any of our South Houston family dentist patients may have, regardless of their age. Today, metal braces are thinner and lighter in weight, which creates a far more pleasant experience.

The way metal dental braces correct the alignment of your teeth lies in how all three components work together. With the o-rings connecting both the metal brackets and the archwire, our South Houston braces dentist will tighten the archwire in different ways that will place specific amounts of pressure on your teeth and jaw at any given time. This guides your teeth to the proper alignment, thanks to the help of our 3D modeling software. Every so often, you will come back to our Houston dentist office so we can re-tighten the archwire, continuously guiding your teeth until we have helped you achieve a straight smile.

Ready For Metal Houston Braces? Visit Our South Houston Dentist Office

Now that you know more about metal dental braces, if you think they’re suitable for you please book an appointment so we can begin with our braces consultation.