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Dental Services

At Centra Dental, we offer a full range of high-quality dental services to meet the needs of our patients and their families. We know that you want quality you can count on in a caring, health-focused environment. Dr. Kathy Nguyen is completely committed to providing the best care possible without cutting corners when it comes to our patients. 



We focus on prevention for our patients at Centra Dental. When you take care of your teeth at home, have regular professional dental cleanings and exams and we take periodic x-rays, we can help to prevent some of the most common dental conditions that you might experience. 

Professional dental cleanings help us to remove calculus (tartar) from your teeth in order for you to avoid gum disease and decay. No matter how thoroughly you brush at home, your toothbrush simply cannot reach all of the areas that we can with our precision instruments. We are gentle when it comes to all of our dental cleanings and will do our best to make your dental experience a positive one.

Regular exams and x-rays help Dr. Nguyen keep an eye on your health and monitor any changes she sees. With periodic x-rays, we are more likely to catch problems such as decay and infection early when they are easier to treat.

For some patients, a little extra help to avoid decay is necessary. That is why we offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants as an added protection against decay. Fluoride treatments help to strengthen your enamel and keep decay at bay, while dental sealants provide a clear protective barrier on the surface of your tooth to keep bacteria and food particles from taking hold.


Chances are that you will likely need at least one dental restoration over the course of your lifetime. Dental decay remains one of the most preventable diseases in America. Over 90% of adults need at least one filling over the course of their lifetimes and many of our patients require more. 

Whether you need a filling, crown, dental bridge, or a partial denture, we make high quality restorations designed to bring comfort and longevity to your smile. The proper dental restoration can prolong the life of your teeth and give you the confidence you need to face the world.



Many offices refer out their root canals and dental surgeries to specialists. At Centra Dental, Dr. Nguyen performs many of those procedures right here under our roof in the environment that you are already familiar with. This makes treatment easier, faster, and more convenient for our patients and eliminates the need to travel all over town to get the procedure you need. Dr. Nguyen is gentle, so she will make sure you are as comfortable as possible for your root canal or dental extraction. We always do our best to ensure a positive experience for our patients and put your needs first.