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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not visible during a regular dental exam. Dentists and dental hygienists use this information to safely detect hidden dental abnormalities in order to complete an accurate treatment plan. Without dental X-rays, problem areas may go undetected.

At our Houston dental office, we recommend our patients come in for their oral checkups every six months. This allows us to check for hidden problems, like cavities or gum disease. As part of a thorough oral check up, our dentists advise patients to receive dental X-rays to ensure problem areas don’t increase and worsen.

Centra Dental uses the latest in digital X-ray technology. Digital X-rays offer a detailed image of your entire mouth and also offers up to 80% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.

What Dental X-Rays Can Find

Dental X-rays are incredibly helpful to dentists because they can find problems that cannot be seen through a visual oral exam or dental cleaning. Here are some of the issues dental X-rays are able to reveal:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Cancerous and noncancerous tumors
  • Decay between the teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

A dental X-ray, as made obvious with some the problems it can locate, can actually be life-saving. More often than not, however, the problems found are not life-threatening. They are simply problems that can become painful, could cause a change in your facial structure, and become extremely costly if left alone.

Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage may save you valuable time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and most importantly, your teeth. Contact Centra Dental today at 713-352-3438 to schedule your next dental X-ray. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to explain all the options available.

Most of our dental services are covered by Medicaid, CHIP and most dental insurance.