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  • Adults Can Wear South Houston Invisalign

    Getting Invisalign is a great way to boost your confidence. It corrects misaligned teeth, bite problems, and other dental issues. At Centra Dental, we embrace your smiles. Our top-rated South Houston dentist performs quality Invisalign treatments to achieve your ideal look. We have a clean and safe facility, as we take hygiene very seriously. We have surgically clean air circulating, and we always sanitize our equipment. Interested in getting Invisalign at our clinic? Read on to know the benefits this treatment offers.

    Benefits of Invisalign Braces

    Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is removable. You can remove it when you’re eating, taking pictures, or attending events. The treatment period is also shorter. Moderate cases will take 12 to 18 months, while more severe ones may last 24 months. South Houston Invisalign is considered more comfortable than its metal and ceramic counterparts. There are no sharp brackets and wires that can cut your cheek. It also allows for better oral hygiene since you can brush your teeth the regular way.

    What Is the Recommended Age for Invisalign Braces?

    Some children can wear Invisalign as early as 7 years old. We have every kind of adult coming in for Invisalign, from stay-at-home moms to grandparents. It’s also a popular choice among busy adults. In traditional braces, dental visits may be monthly. Invisalign requires fewer visits. This way, you can get Houston dental braces without making big changes to your schedule.

    Preparing for Your Invisalign

    Once our dentist concludes that South Houston Invisalign is the best option for you, treatment can begin. We will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth. These will be sent to our lab so they can design Invisalign braces to perfectly suit you. Your Invisalign is tailor-made to address your dental concerns. Once your South Houston braces are ready, you will come back to our clinic to have them fit.

    What to Expect During Treatment

    It will take around three visits to complete your therapy. During each visit, our dentist will refine your Invisalign to make sure it’s constantly doing its job. They will track your progress and make any tweaks necessary. You can also expect to be educated by our South Houston dentist in proper hygiene and care for your Invisalign. At the end of the treatment, our Houston family dentist will do a complete assessment to ensure you’re happy with the final results.

    Schedule a Consultation for South Houston Invisalign 

    If you’re thinking about getting South Houston Invisalign, you may ask: why Centra Dental? We strive to make your dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. You can watch movies and connect to our Wi-Fi while your children play with toys. We have dental services specials so you can receive superb dental services at affordable rates. Schedule a consultation with us today!

  • Avoid Sticky Candy If Your Child Wears Houston Braces

    With Halloween just around the corner, your kid is ready to gobble up tons of candy. But did you know that some treats are worse for the teeth than others? The sticky kind of candy is more likely to cause cavities. This is especially true if your child has Houston braces. Prevent tooth decay by visiting Centra Dental. At our clinic, we embrace your smiles. Our top-rated dentist in South Houston will make sure your kid is safe from cavities, even if they have braces.

    Why Sticky Candy Is Bad for the Teeth

    Kids love all kinds of candy, including the sticky kind. Tootsie rolls, taffy, licorice, and gummies are all popular choices. Kids love them when they go trick or treating. However, they are more likely to cause cavities. They tend to get stuck between the brackets and wires of a child who has dental braces. Also, they take longer to consume. As a result, your kid is exposed to sugar for a longer time. Candy that is faster to eat, let’s say a chocolate ball, may be the healthier option. It easily washes off from Houston braces as opposed to sticky treats.

    How Sticky Candy on Braces Causes Cavities

    Houston braces are an effective treatment for a range of oral issues. They straighten crooked teeth and fix bite issues. They help with jaw alignment and resolve speech impediments. If your kid has braces, it is important to stress oral hygiene. Food gets trapped easily between the brackets and wires. Sticky candy, in particular, can more likely cause plaque and tartar. Braces with sugar can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned. It can even progress into gingivitis or swelling of the gums.

    How to Prevent Tooth Decay If Your Child Has Braces

    Avoid letting your child eat sticky candy if they have braces. If they do consume a sticky treat or two, make sure they brush their teeth straight after. The ideal time to give them candy is after a meal. Avoid giving them one before a meal since it can ruin their appetite. Remember that moderation is important. Also make sure to take them in for a dental cleaning every 6 months. Centra Dental provides a clean and safe facility to keep our patients and staff protected. Surgically clean air is running 24/7, and we sanitize each equipment thoroughly.

    Schedule a Visit to Clean Houston Braces

    Why choose Centra Dental? We make every dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Our Houston dentist performs all vital dental services, from dental braces cleaning to root canals. We also offer dental service specials for patients of all ages. Affordable and quality dentistry is our expertise. If your kid has a sweet tooth, make sure to schedule regular dental cleanings with us. Our family dentist will educate you and your child on proper oral hygiene, especially with braces. Contact us today for an appointment!

  • Ceramic Houston Braces Versus Metal Braces, A Quick Introduction Lady with Houston dental brace flashed her pearly whites.

    Achieving a straight and confident smile is a journey that often involves the decision between Houston braces made of ceramic or metal. At Centra Dental, your trusted provider of general and family dentistry in Southwest Houston, we understand the importance of choosing the right braces for your individual needs. Let's delve into the nuances of ceramic and metal braces, exploring how each type works and weighing the pros and cons.

  • Comparing Different Types of Houston Braces Get that perfect smile with the right type of Houston dental braces.

    Achieving a straight and confident smile is a common goal for many individuals, and with the array of orthodontic options available, finding the right type of braces can be a personalized journey. At Centra Dental, your trusted provider of general and family dentistry in Southwest Houston, we understand the importance of making an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment. Let's explore the various types of Houston braces, from ceramic to Invisalign clear aligners and traditional metal braces, and how our helpful and caring Houston dentist can guide you to the perfect choice.

  • Daily Habits for Optimal Houston Braces Hygiene Maintaining proper hygiene with Houston braces

    Achieving optimal hygiene with Houston braces is necessary for preventing dental issues, such as cavities, gum disease, and staining around brackets. Patients with braces are prone to plaque, making thorough cleaning essential. Our top-rated dentists at Centra Dental are here to make sure that patients are well-educated on taking care of their oral health. Here’s how to maintain the best possible dental hygiene while wearing braces.

    Brushing Your Houston Braces Effectively

    When you’re wearing Houston braces, food is more likely to get stuck between your teeth, so it’s essential to brush your teeth at least three times a day — after each meal and before bedtime. This helps remove food particles and plaque that can get trapped around the braces. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush designed for braces. Brush above and below the brackets while angling the brush to clean all sides of the braces. Pay special attention to the areas between the wires and teeth and the areas between the brackets and gums.

    Flossing Daily

    Your Houston dentist will recommend that you use a floss threader or orthodontic floss to thread the floss behind the wire. Flossing with braces is challenging but essential for removing plaque and food particles that a toothbrush can't reach. Gently floss between each set of teeth and along the gum line. Consider using a water flosser for an easier and more effective way to clean around braces and between teeth.

    Rinsing with Fluoride Mouthwash

    Aside from brushing and flossing, rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash daily can help reduce plaque when you have Houston braces. Rinsing can prevent demineralization and strengthen your tooth enamel. Mouthwash can access hard-to-reach areas, offering additional cleaning and protection against cavities.

    Avoiding Harmful Food and Habits

    When you’re on traditional metal braces, it’s important to be mindful of your diet. Avoid sticky, hard, and chewy foods that can damage your braces or become lodged in them. Cut down on sugary and acidic foods and drinks to reduce the risk of tooth decay and enamel erosion. Choose softer foods and cut them into small, manageable pieces. Dentists also discourage habits that can damage braces and teeth, such as nail-biting, pencil-chewing, and using teeth as tools.

    Regular Dental Checkups

    Taking care of your braces requires discipline so you stay on track. Make sure to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, in addition to your orthodontic appointments. Professional cleanings can remove plaque and tartar buildup that regular brushing and flossing might miss. If you experience any issues with your braces, such as loose or broken brackets, contact your orthodontist immediately to avoid any potential hygiene problems.

    Schedule an Appointment for Houston Braces Today

    Maintaining optimal hygiene with Houston braces requires diligence and a commitment to thorough cleaning practices. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy throughout your orthodontic treatment. Centra Dental is passionate about beautiful and healthy smiles. Visit our clean and safe facility today for a stress-free dental experience.

  • Do Houston Braces Hurt? A woman smiling with braces

    Braces have been around for decades and have helped millions of people achieve better smiles. Not only do they straighten crooked teeth, but they also improve oral health. Houston braces correct overcrowding, gaps, underbites, and overbites. They also promote better digestion and prevent dental caries. Both teens and adults can get Houston dental braces. But many wonder if this orthodontic treatment hurts. Centra Dental is committed to making your dental experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

    During Your Visit

    A week or two before getting braces, our Houston dentist may apply spacers between your molars. You might feel slight pressure and soreness in the first few days. The discomfort will eventually go away. During the actual application of Houston braces, our dentist will clean your teeth with a solution that tastes a bit sour. They will also apply glue to put the brackets in place. These steps do not cause pain. The dentist will then mount brackets onto your teeth and connect them with a wire. You will feel a gentle pressure a few hours after your visit.

    2 to 3 Days After Your Visit

    Dental braces work by slowly pulling teeth into alignment. As such, you will feel discomfort throughout the week after your visit. This is a sign that your treatment is working. Your gums and teeth will feel sore. You may have difficulty chewing solid food for the first few days. There will also be times when the brackets and wires scrape against the inside of your cheeks. This is normal as long as everything is in place. 

    A Week After Your Visit

    You will notice the discomfort gradually decreasing as the days pass. After a week, you may not feel any pain at all. Our Houston family dentist may advise you to come in for monthly visits. During your visits, they will tighten the wires and springs, and may put bandsto keep the treatment going. Expect tolerable discomfort after your visits. This means that you are achieving progress and well on your way to your treatment goals. 

    Tips on Managing Discomfort

    Discomfort from dental braces is perfectly normal and manageable. For pain relief, you may take over-the-counter medication, such as ibuprofen. Only take this if you don’t have an allergy. You may also rinse with salt water to lessen the soreness of the gums. If you’re getting cuts from the metal, you can apply dental wax. Place them on the trouble spots to remove the friction. 

    Schedule an Appointment for Houston Braces

    Centra Dental offers a full range of quality dental services for the whole family. From teeth cleaning to Houston braces, our goal is to provide you with a comfortable visit. We prioritize your safety. As such, we operate in the most hygienic way and sanitize all of our equipment. You don’t have to worry when you visit Centra Dental. We will guide you through the entire process of your orthodontics treatment. Call us today for an appointment!

  • Have You Booked Your Last Dental Cleaning of the Year With a Houston Dentist?

    Good oral health is essential for optimum well-being. Aside from practicing dental hygiene at home, regular trips to a Houston dentist is a must. Getting a dental cleaning every 6 months has many benefits. You can prevent cavities and tooth decay instead of going through the stress of treating them. If you’re thinking of booking your last cleaning of the year, turn to the experts at Centra Dental. We embrace your smiles as we keep your teeth and gums healthy. Here’s more information on our dental services.

    Should I Book Before the Year Ends?

    If you have outstanding appointments to a Houston dentist, it’s a good idea to book them before the year ends. Most insurance plans don’t roll over to the new year. You wouldn’t want your hard-earned dollars to go to waste. Another reason to book now is for a post-holiday cleaning. After all the delicious food you ate in the last few weeks, it’s time to get your teeth cleaned. Preventive oral care can even save you money in the long run. Instead of waiting for plaque to build up, you and your family can get dental cleanings. 

    What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

    Some plaque cannot be removed through brushing alone. Dental cleanings are needed to prevent root canals and dental fillings, especially if you have Houston braces. Here are some of the steps you can expect from your Houston family dentist.

    • Physical checkup - Before anything else, your Houston dentist will examine your teeth and gums. If there are any causes of concern, your dentist will detect them. They will make sure that everything looks good before proceeding with cleaning.
    • Plaque removal - Your dentist will use a scaler to remove all tartar and plaque around your teeth and gums. Sometimes, plaque gets so hard that it takes longer to remove. The dentist may need to scrape a particular spot longer than others.
    • Toothpaste cleaning - Once all the plaque and tartar have been removed, your dentist will apply a special toothpaste. They will then use an electric brush to make sure all of your teeth are treated. This is an effective way of getting a deep clean.
    • Professional flossing - Your dentist will get in between hard-to-reach places in your teeth. These are areas you normally can’t get through regular flossing alone.
    • Fluoride treatment - After rinsing off the debris, your dentist will apply fluoride. This protects your teeth from potential cavities for several months.

    Book a Cleaning With a Houston Dentist

    Visit our top-rated South Houston dentist at Centra Dental for a range of services. We offer Houston dental braces, teeth whitening, dental crowns, bridges, and more. What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping our clients and staff safe. We have surgically clean air circulating the entire time. We strive to make the dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Your kids can watch movies, play with toys, or use the WiFi while waiting. Ask us about our dental service specials. We also accept dental insurance!

  • How Houston Invisalign Works: The Science Behind Clear Aligners Young woman smiles while holding her Houston Invisalign clear aligners.

    Here at Central Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a confident smile. If you are looking for a dental solution that is discreet to improve your smile then Houston Invisalign may be the right product for you. Invisalign has revolutionized Houston family orthodontic treatment by offering an alternative to traditional Houston braces that is both convenient and effective. As a popular choice for Houston dentists, Invisalign utilizes clear aligners to gradually straighten teeth. In this article, our Houston family dentist delves into the science behind Invisalign, how it works, and its advantages over traditional Houston metal braces.

    How Houston Invisalign Works to Straighten Your Teeth

    Houston Invisalign employs advanced technology to straighten your teeth through a series of custom-made, removable clear aligners. The process typically involves the following steps that will be conducted by your trusted Houston family dentist:

    a) Digital Scanning: Your experienced Houston dentist will use a specialized scanner to create a 3D digital model of your teeth. This precise digital impression serves as the basis for the creation of your personalized treatment plan.

    b) Custom Aligners: Based on the treatment plan, a series of custom Houston Invisalign aligners are created. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks, gradually shifting the teeth into the desired position. Patients typically require multiple sets of aligners throughout the treatment duration.

    c) Progress Monitoring: Regular check-ups with your Houston family dentist are scheduled to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. New sets of Houston Invisalign aligners are provided as the treatment progresses, ensuring a continuous shift towards your desired teeth position.

    Advantages of Houston Invisalign Clear Aligners Over Traditional Metal Braces

    Houston Invisalign offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for orthodontic treatment:

    a) Aesthetics: Houston Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible compared to traditional Houston metal braces, allowing patients to straighten their teeth discreetly. This is particularly appealing to individuals who prefer a more natural appearance during treatment.

    b) Removability: Unlike Houston traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable. This feature allows for easy maintenance of oral hygiene, as the aligners can be taken out for brushing, flossing, and eating. It also means fewer dietary restrictions compared to traditional Houston metal braces.

    c) Enhanced Comfort: Houston Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, BPA-free plastic, significantly reducing the chances of mouth irritation and discomfort commonly associated with traditional metal braces.

    Consult a Top-Rated Dentist Now to Know If Houston Invisalign Clear Aligners Is for You

    Everyone deserves to have a smile they are proud to wear. Consult our top-rated Houston dentist should you decide to improve the quality of your smile. With our family-friendly facility that streams family-friendly movies, toys for kids, and free WIFI, we can ensure that you and your family’s visit will be pleasant and stress-free. Schedule a visit with our Houston family dentist to discuss if Houston Invisalign is a perfect fit for you.

  • How Our Houston Dentist Decides if Invisalign or Dental Braces Are Right for You Patient consults Houston dentist to decide between Houston Invisalign or traditional dental braces.

    Embarking on the journey to a straighter smile is a significant decision, and choosing between Houston Invisalign and traditional Houston braces requires careful consideration. At Centra Dental, your trusted provider of general and family dentistry in Southwest Houston, we prioritize your unique needs and preferences in determining the most suitable orthodontic treatment. Let's delve into the world of Houston Invisalign and traditional dental braces, exploring their differences and understanding how our experienced Houston dentist decides which option is right for you.

  • The Benefits of Houston Invisalign Over Traditional Braces Lady with a straight smile holds her Houston Invisalign clear retainers.

    In the quest for a straighter smile, orthodontic treatment options have evolved significantly over the years. One such advancement is Houston Invisalign, a revolutionary approach to teeth straightening that offers numerous benefits over traditional braces. At Centra Dental, your trusted provider of general and family dentistry, we understand the importance of providing patients with the most effective and comfortable orthodontic solutions available. In this article, your trusted Houston dentist discusses the advantages of Houston Invisalign and why it may be the ideal choice for achieving your dream smile.