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Avoid Sticky Candy If Your Child Wears Houston Braces

Avoid Sticky Candy If Your Child Wears Houston Braces

With Halloween just around the corner, your kid is ready to gobble up tons of candy. But did you know that some treats are worse for the teeth than others? The sticky kind of candy is more likely to cause cavities. This is especially true if your child has Houston braces. Prevent tooth decay by visiting Centra Dental. At our clinic, we embrace your smiles. Our top-rated dentist in South Houston will make sure your kid is safe from cavities, even if they have braces.

Why Sticky Candy Is Bad for the Teeth

Kids love all kinds of candy, including the sticky kind. Tootsie rolls, taffy, licorice, and gummies are all popular choices. Kids love them when they go trick or treating. However, they are more likely to cause cavities. They tend to get stuck between the brackets and wires of a child who has dental braces. Also, they take longer to consume. As a result, your kid is exposed to sugar for a longer time. Candy that is faster to eat, let’s say a chocolate ball, may be the healthier option. It easily washes off from Houston braces as opposed to sticky treats.

How Sticky Candy on Braces Causes Cavities

Houston braces are an effective treatment for a range of oral issues. They straighten crooked teeth and fix bite issues. They help with jaw alignment and resolve speech impediments. If your kid has braces, it is important to stress oral hygiene. Food gets trapped easily between the brackets and wires. Sticky candy, in particular, can more likely cause plaque and tartar. Braces with sugar can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned. It can even progress into gingivitis or swelling of the gums.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay If Your Child Has Braces

Avoid letting your child eat sticky candy if they have braces. If they do consume a sticky treat or two, make sure they brush their teeth straight after. The ideal time to give them candy is after a meal. Avoid giving them one before a meal since it can ruin their appetite. Remember that moderation is important. Also make sure to take them in for a dental cleaning every 6 months. Centra Dental provides a clean and safe facility to keep our patients and staff protected. Surgically clean air is running 24/7, and we sanitize each equipment thoroughly.

Schedule a Visit to Clean Houston Braces

Why choose Centra Dental? We make every dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Our Houston dentist performs all vital dental services, from dental braces cleaning to root canals. We also offer dental service specials for patients of all ages. Affordable and quality dentistry is our expertise. If your kid has a sweet tooth, make sure to schedule regular dental cleanings with us. Our family dentist will educate you and your child on proper oral hygiene, especially with braces. Contact us today for an appointment!