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Why You May Need Braces

Why You May Need Braces

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. In fact, it’s a rarity. This is why braces are in such high demand. Straight teeth always provide our south Houston patients with great confidence. They are able to smile more freely and know that they have an attractive smile that benefits their everyday life.

At Centra Dental, we provide patients, kids and adults, with a thorough dental examination to survey the state of the teeth. Not every set of teeth are the same, so not every set of teeth receives the same diagnosis. Depending on the extent of the dental issues, more time may be required, of course, the time requirement also depends on how old the patient is. Younger patients’ teeth are more pliable than older adults. There are various problems which require either less or more work. Here are some of the issues:

  • Gapped Teeth - Plenty of people, young and old, have gapped teeth, even if there are only a few gaps. Some people have straight teeth all around except for in between the two front top teeth. Gaps in the teeth are a relatively simple problem to address. The braces will simply begin to push the teeth closer together until they are completely aligned. The fewer the gaps, the less time required. The younger the patients, the easier the teeth will move. For minimal gaps, patients can use any of three options we provide: traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear plastic trays.
  • Misaligned Teeth - This is a more serious issue as the teeth may be suffering from several problems. Misaligned means they are staggered. Teeth may be further back or upfront, but they are not in line with each other. Along with not being in line, they could also be gapped. This problem takes more time to fix and typically can’t be adjusted with plastic tray braces, or at least that is not our recommendation.
  • Malocclusion - This is a major issue with teeth because it means that they are not only misaligned and gapped, but also are causing problems with chomping down. The alignment from top to bottom is off. This oral issue usually takes the longest to correct with braces, and usually with metal or ceramic braces.


Are you suffering from any of the following dental issues? If so, you need braces to straighten out the problem. Our south Houston dental office provides various types of braces to help you smile again. Contact our office today. We look forward to helping you and your family.