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Why Our South Houston Dentist Patients May Need Houston Braces

Why Our South Houston Dentist Patients May Need Houston Braces

As most people know, orthodontic braces are meant to straighten teeth, but they do much more than just that. Each treatment plan we offer for Houston braces depends on what issues need to be corrected and is perfectly customized to the individual. Here are a couple of the reasons why our South Houston dentist patients may need affordable braces treatment.

Crowded Teeth

Teeth crowding occurs when teeth are crooked and overlapping each other, either on the upper teeth, on the bottom teeth, or both. The truth is that some people simply have extra teeth, which don't fit in the mouth properly. This is a major cause of crowding and disrupts the natural way in which the teeth are supposed to erupt.

What Problems Can Crowding Teeth Cause?

When our patients suffer from crowding, we tend to see unusual wear patterns of their teeth. One of the biggest dental health problems caused by crowding is excessive plaque build-up. Although some patients who don't have extra teeth can still experience heavy plaque build-up, this is especially common for people who do have extra teeth because it's too difficult to get in between them when they brush or floss. Plaque build-up is the leading cause for cavities, so those who have crowded teeth can experience accelerated tooth decay.

Plaque build-up in crowded teeth has a domino effect. If the patient suffers from accelerated decay, they can also potentially suffer from gingivitis, or gum disease because there is too much bacteria stuck in between the gums that is left untreated. Aside from poor oral health, crowding can cause issues with patients' self-esteem. Additionally, severe crowding can lead to speech problems, which can disrupt their school, work, and their confidence as well.

Open Bite

An open bite is also known as an anterior bite. It occurs when the upper teeth and lower teeth slant out in the front, so they never touch once an individual's mouth is closed.

What Problems Can An Open Bite Cause?

Similar to crowding, open bites may cause the patient to have problems with confidence and speech. When it comes to speech challenges, those who suffer from an open bite will often struggle to pronounce several words because they develop a lisp. This type of malocclusion (bad bite) can also prevent the patient from chewing their food properly.

Another problem caused by open bites is abnormal wearing of the teeth because the back teeth are coming into contact more often than they should. This can eventually lead to discomfort and even cracking in the teeth.

Affordable Houston Braces at Centra Dental in South Houston

These are both very common reasons for needing orthodontic braces, not only for cosmetic purposes, but also to help our patients achieve their best dental health and a confident smile. If you or your child have crowded teeth or an open bite, please book an appointment with our South Houston dentist so that we can complete a consultation and help you decide on an affordable treatment plan.