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Why Do You Need Retainers After South Houston Braces Treatment?

Why Do You Need Retainers After South Houston Braces Treatment?

It’s always exciting to get your South Houston braces removed after years of wearing them. The countless trips to your South Houston dentist have finally paid off as you showcase your new and improved smile. However, your treatment isn’t over. Retainers are important to prevent relapse of your old, misaligned teeth. After carefully removing the brackets, wires, and excess cement, your dentist will ask you to wear retainers. So why should you have to endure more months—or even years? Read on to know the importance of dental retainers.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth in Kids and Teens

Many of our patients who come in for South Houston braces are children and teenagers. Compared to adults, their bones have not yet fully set in and they are still developing. This means that their teeth could go back to their original state after getting braces removed. In addition, their wisdom teeth have not yet erupted. Retainers are absolutely necessary so that their teeth do not shift in position. 

Sets in Newly Aligned Teeth

Retainers are especially necessary for patients who had issues with spacing corrected. Overcrowding is when there is not enough space in your mouth to align your teeth. On the other hand, too much space can result in gaps in your teeth. If you had such cases treated with South Houston braces, then retainers are a must to maintain newly aligned teeth.

Keeps Corrected Bite in Place

Dental braces are also an effective treatment for underbites and overbites. Extra appliances are used, such as elastics and springs, to correct bite problems. Because your jaws were forcibly moved, they could go back to their original positioning after the braces were removed. To prevent this and keep your new bite in place, you must wear retainers.

How Long Should You Wear Retainers?

Most patients wear their retainers anywhere from 4 months to 2 years—sometimes even more. Your South Houston family dentist will determine how long you should wear retainers. The duration will depend on your age, number of years with braces, and severity of your condition. 

Keeping Your Retainers Clean

Remember to keep your retainers in a case when you’re not using them, and keep this case accessible to you at all times. You can clean your retainers with a towel or cleaning brush. You may also be directed to soak it in a denture cleaner. Keep your retainers away from extreme heat, pets, and children.

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