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Understanding How Braces at Our Houston Office Work

Understanding How Braces at Our Houston Office Work

When it comes to getting braces in Houston, there really is only one place you should be considering: Centra Dental. We look around the Houston dental landscape and notice how alarmingly high some dental offices price their braces. At our southwest Houston dental clinic, our braces are pleasantly priced to fit your budget.

We are dedicated to providing all of our dental patients with everything they need to pursue a healthy oral lifestyle. This includes metal braces, which start at the incredibly low price of $1995. We urge you to search around the Houston to find a lower price that also provides the highest quality of care. Our guess is you won’t be able to.


Metal braces are the strongest and most durable type of braces available. Our goal with our Houston braces is to get our patients to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile as soon as possible. Typically braces take between 12 and 24 months to complete their process of adjusting teeth. Once the teeth are adjusted, then we provide a retainer to maintain the straightness of the teeth.

Our southwest Houston dentist will determine the approximate time it will take for a patient’s teeth to adjust. Depending on the severity of the case, it may take longer than 24 months. Severe cases include issues like malocclusion, which is when teeth are extremely crooked and misaligned.


At Centra Dental, we are excited to assist every dental patient we encounter. Our primary goal is to provide each orthodontics patient with healthy, strong, and straight teeth. For kids and adults alike, our braces start at the same price of less than $2000.

For families looking to protect and perfect their teeth, contact Centra Dental today. We look forward to providing your family with great oral health.