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Does Your Teen Need Braces? Get Invisalign

Does Your Teen Need Braces? Get Invisalign

At our dental office in southwest Houston, we know all about the need for braces, especially for teens. Having a straight smile is an important element for a kid’s life, and getting them straightened almost unnoticeably is a huge plus. We can do this for your teenager at Centra Dental through Invisalign Teen.

If your middle or high school kid has crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth, then you should consider bringing them to our dental office. We will create a custom set of plastic tray aligners called Invisalign that will fit their teeth perfectly. These set of braces are not permanent because they have to be changed every so often.

Much like metal braces that have be tightened every few weeks, the Invisalign Teen braces have to be replaced with new ones every few weeks too. This keeps the braces tight on the teeth to force them into the correct position.


The obvious reason why people, and teens in particular, prefer Invisalign over metal braces is because they aren’t very noticeable. Unlike the 3M metal braces, which are obvious due to the metal tangs and strands, the Invisalign braces clear throughout. These are placed over the teeth like mouthguards.

It isn’t about keeping braces a secret. It’s simply that most patients prefer not to have a major change to their appearance. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen allow this.

These custom-fitted braces are also removable for approximately two hours per day, which can’t be done with metal braces. This allows for thorough brushing and cleaning of teeth. It also allows for patients to eat food without braces.


If you or your teen needs braces, then contact our Houston dental clinic today and schedule your orthodontics appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve a straight, healthy and beautiful smile.