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Summer Is Almost Here! Get Your Braces Now

Summer Is Almost Here! Get Your Braces Now

It’s the end of May and summer is fast approaching. Now is a great time to head over to Centra Dental before the start of the summer break. For whatever your dental needs, our dental clinic in southwest Houston is here to provide the solutions. One major issue many of our patients need help with the misalignment of their teeth.

Creating straight smiles is a part of dentistry we love. Our orthodontics is one of the best and least expensive in the Greater Houston area. We provide patients - teens and adults - with their choice of metal braces or Invisalign.


We think any time of the year is a great time for getting braces, but the summer offers some great opportunities, especially for kids and teens.

  • THE BREAK: With the summer break, kids and teens will be able to get adjusted to their braces without having to take up their weekends for regular visits. Their free time will keep parents from having to rush around as well, allowing them months to prepare for how to schedule their regular visits to get their kid’s braces adjusted and tightened.
  • GETTING USED TO BRACES: Braces, whether metal or Invisalign, takes some getting used to. During the summer months, kids are able to adjust to wearing braces without having to deal with them in overly public places, like the school cafeteria. They can figure out how to keep them clean and what to expect while eating certain things.
  • NO SHOCK VALUE: When wearing braces, especially 3M metal braces, there can be a drastic change to your appearance. Taking the summer to “wear them in” can help with getting used to having braces.


Now is a great time to schedule your braces appointment or a braces appointment for your child or teenager. We look forward to getting their smile straight and beautiful.