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Study Shows Link Between Oral Health and Classroom Performance

Study Shows Link Between Oral Health and Classroom Performance

With the new school year just beginning, many parents are still scrambling to complete their back-to-school-to-do lists. If you are a parent who is invested in their child’s academic success, you may want to add bringing them to see our kids dentist to your list, as a recent study from the University of Southern California found a link between oral health and classroom success.

While this link may come as a surprise to many parents, the research from the study shows that toothaches, cavities and other painful dental problems can cause difficulty focusing and concentrating, thus resulting in absences and poor performance. Furthermore, painful cavities can lead to difficulties in eating and speaking, resulting in self-esteem issues.

Preventive Care From Our Southwest Houston Dental Clinic

The best way to help your children avoid these problematic and painful issues is through preventive care. Our Houston dental office recommends bringing your child to see our kids dentists twice a year. Visiting our Southwest Houston dental clinic for preventive care has the added bonus of being able to ask our kids dentists for tips on establishing good dental hygiene habits.

Visiting Our Kids Dentists Isn’t The Only Preventive Measure

Dental check-ups at our Houston dental clinic are just one aspect of maintaining good oral health. It’s just as important your child practices proper dental hygiene habits. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing regularly, and avoiding sugary snacks are dental habits every kid should be practicing.

Having good oral hygiene develops self-discipline and taking pride in oneself, qualities beneficial to a child’s academic performance. Contact Our Southwest Houston Dental Office Here at Centra Dental, our kids dentists understand that having a healthy mouth greatly contributes to a positive sense of self in your child, resulting in better performance in all facets of your child’s life – including academics. If you live in Southwest Houston or the surrounding areas, contact our Houston dental office today to setup an appointment.