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South Houston Invisalign for Adults

South Houston Invisalign for Adults

Orthodontic treatments aren’t just for kids; they are perfectly suitable even for adults. If you’re someone who wants to improve their smile and feel more confident, Invisalign could be the solution you’re looking for. They effectively treat a range of dental issues, such as crooked teeth and bite problems. Even as an adult with teeth that have already set in, you will still get noticeable results. Continue reading below to know more about South Houston Invisalign.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligners made from BPA-free plastic that are custom-designed for the patient. They reposition teeth without the use of metal, such as in traditional braces. Invisalign offers a comfortable and precise way for you to achieve your ideal smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

Effectively Treats Dental Issues

South Houston Invisalign corrects crooked teeth as well as bite issues, like overbites and underbites. They treat overcrowded teeth and close unwanted gaps not only for aesthetic purposes but also to improve your oral health. Take note that Invisalign only treats mild to moderate cases. Severe cases may call for traditional South Houston braces.

Less Visible Than Metal Braces

If you’re looking for a less conspicuous dental treatment, then your South Houston family dentist may recommend Invisalign. Since they are virtually transparent, they aren’t as noticeable in person and in pictures. This is especially convenient for teens and adults who don’t want a drastic change to their appearance.

Can Be Removed by the Patient

Patients can remove their Invisalign as they choose. This is handy when you have a photoshoot or a big event coming up. However, your South Houston dentist will instruct you to wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you aren’t diligent about your wear time, your Invisalign won’t be as effective. 

Offers Results in a Shorter Time Frame

Invisalign is personalized to you, which is why treatment duration can be shorter. During your first visit, your dentist will take 3D impressions of your teeth. When you come back, you’ll have your Invisalign fitted. After that, you will return every 2 weeks to have new Invisalign customized so that your progress is kept on track.

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