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Reasons to Consider Getting Houston Braces

Reasons to Consider Getting Houston Braces

South Houston Dentists rely on time-tested dental interventions such as South Houston Braces to correct common problems with teeth spacing issues (crowded teeth or close existing gaps) and jaw and teeth alignment issues (overbite and underbite). Aside from correcting functional dental issues, South Houston Metal Dental Braces can also be used to aesthetically improve your smile. In this article, our South Houston family dentist will discuss in depth the different dental issues your South Houston braces can address.

How Traditional South Houston Braces Work

South Houston metal braces work by moving your teeth gradually as a result of force and pressure. The constant force and pressure over time slowly moves your teeth to its intended position. Scheduled adjustments are made by your South Houston dentist to direct and calibrate these forces to attain your desired smile.

Individual brackets are installed on your teeth that will serve as anchor points. These anchor points are attached to an arch wire using ligature elastics that resemble rubber bands. If you are familiar with the look of a traditional South Houston metal braces, the arch wires are the most prominent part of your metal braces and span all lower or upper teeth.

Patients who prefer dental appliances that are less noticeable may opt for South Houston ceramic braces. Ceramic braces use brackets that have the same shade as your tooth and arches that are thin and transparent. You can also avail of South Houston Invisalign, a retainer-type aligner that you can take off when eating, taking pictures, or attending events. Invisalign is perfect for minor teeth issue correction.

Dental Issues Your South Houston Braces Can Correct

As mentioned above, there are a multitude of dental issues that can be corrected by using South Houston braces. Your South Houston dentist recommend the use of dental braces for the following

Crooked, Crowded, or Gapped Tooth – South Houston braces can help straighten crooked or crowded teeth as well as close excessive gaps in between teeth.

Bite Issues – With the help of dental braces, your South Houston family dentist can correct teeth alignment issues that result in either an overbite or an underbite.

Jaw Problems – South Houston metal braces can also address problems stemming from jaw alignment such as overjet (upper front teeth protrude outward) also referred to as “buck teeth” and crossbite (upper teeth fit inside of lower teeth when mouth is closed).

Speech difficulties – In severe cases, dental problems can affect speech. South Houston dental braces can be used to restore ease of enunciating and proper flow of speech.

Work with Your Top-Rated South Houston Dentist to Get the Smile You Deserve

Centra Dental believes that everyone deserves to have a smile that they are proud of. A renewed and restored self-confidence is one of the most notable benefits of working with a top-rated dentist such as Centra Dental. Our helpful and caring staff will ensure your next visit is pleasant and stress-free. Call us now and schedule a consultation.