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It’s Time to Be Thankful for Your Smile

It’s Time to Be Thankful for Your Smile

This is the time of year when we all sit around the table and tell each other what we are thankful for. With all the wonderful thoughts, they are sure to bring a smile to your face. But is your smile one of those things you are thankful for? At Centra Dental, we believe the smile should be something everyone is thankful for, which is why we are offering braces at such a low price.

Our southwest Houston dental clinic provides braces for as low as $1995, making it more than affordable to straighten your smile without creating a financial strain. This Thanksgiving Day, if you are not happy with your smile, take a moment to be thankful for Houston’s best annual deal on braces at Centra Dental. Our goal is to provide beautiful smiles for everyone throughout the year, and not just during the holiday season. But now is the best time to get braces because your dental insurance coverage will be renewed at the beginning of 2018.


Using your dental insurance now for braces will help ensure you put your dental coverage in the right place. Braces can be covered by dental insurance depending on the severity of the case. The reason braces can be covered is because crooked, misaligned or heavily gapped teeth can actually be a hazard to a person’s health.

Think of Thanksgiving Dinner. If a person with heavily gapped or crooked teeth is eating turkey and dressing, food particles can easily become stuck in teeth. Or they can become hidden in hard to reach places. This makes it difficult to remove these particles from teeth. These food particles can create plaque buildup that will eat away at the teeth’s enamel. Once the enamel is eaten away, cavities begin to produce, which creates real oral problems. These cavities require dental fillings, but if they worsen, they can require dental crowns, tooth extractions or dental implants.

This is why it is much more efficient to get braces before the dental problems arise. We encourage all parents to bring their kids into our dental office in southwest Houston during this holiday season. Our kids dentists will examine your child’s teeth and their structure to see if braces are the best option. Straightening teeth sooner rather than later is the best way to ensure your child continues with great oral health.


If you or your child is in need of braces, then contact Centra Dental today. Our southwest Houston dental clinic, located in the 5 Corners District, is ready to help you achieve your best smile and begin being thankful for a beautiful and healthy smile. Happy Thanksgiving!