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Houston's Dentist for Affordable Braces

Houston's Dentist for Affordable Braces

When braces are mentioned, the typical response is that they are too expensive. At Centra Dental, we believe that a beautiful and healthy smile should never be out of the price range. This is why we have options for braces for as low as $1,995.

Our primary objective at our Southwest Houston dental clinic is to provide every patient with a positive experience, and a major part of the experience is ensuring that the dental procedure doesn’t break the bank. We try to meet every patient financially so that they can receive what they need orally at a price they can afford.

We understand how important straight teeth are. They not only increase a person’s confidence because they enrich their smile, but they also enhance a person’s oral health. Braces eliminates alignment problems in teeth, like gapped teeth, crooked teeth, or teeth that suffer from malocclusion. We discussed this in our most recent blog post, if you are searching for more details regarding this.


This is our goal, of course. We want everyone (those who need them) to have braces. We want everyone to have a smile they are proud to show off.

When braces are worn, the time commitment required is approximately 12 to 24 months. Considering that once they are off you will have straight teeth for the rest of your life, those one to two years don’t seem so long. The reason this time range exists is because everyone’s teeth are different. Some teeth are more misaligned than others, so they require braces for longer periods.

For those who need braces, we recommend that they receive them sooner rather than later. It is scientific fact that younger teeth belonging to adolescents are more easily moldable than teeth of patients who are older. Our orthodontists believe in the idea of early ortho.

If you are interested in affordable braces, then contact our dental office in Southwest Houston. We accept most dental plans and we make financial planning simple for every patient. We look forward to helping you achieve that bright and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.