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Houston's Best Deal for Braces Are Here!

Houston's Best Deal for Braces Are Here!

There is no simple method for straightening teeth except through braces. This is why braces have become such an integral part of society. People want straight teeth and beautiful smiles. The quickest and most efficient way to do that is through braces. At Centra Dental, located in southwest Houston in the Bellaire area, we offer braces for much less than our competitors.

Our braces start at the extremely low price of $1995. This ensures that just about every patient we encounter can afford braces. Affordable braces in Houston isn’t an item that’s easily found, but we make it easy.

Our Houston dentists help each patient with selecting their braces. By conducting thorough dental examinations for every patient, we are able to pinpoint specific problems and structural issues with teeth in order to best fit the braces.

Fitting braces on patients is part of the process of ensuring patients end up with perfectly aligned teeth. The process, once the braces have been selected and placed, takes anywhere between 12 and 24 months. Our dentists inform our Houston dental patients of approximately how long it will take for the teeth to become aligned.


At our Bellaire dental office, we make it easy to schedule your orthodontics appointment. Our dental staff will quickly get your scheduled and address all of your questions and concerns regarding dental insurance queries.

When you arrive for your appointment, our dentists will answer all of your questions regarding the orthodontic process. Our goal is to educate every patient on the dental procedure they are preparing to undergo. We want our Houston dental patients to feel confident about the upcoming procedure and remain worry-free.

If you or any of your family members are in need of braces, then contact our dental office in southwest Houston today. Our dental staff is standing by to assist you in every way possible. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with a beautiful, straight and healthy smile.