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Getting Braces Early Is a Smart Move

Getting Braces Early Is a Smart Move

Getting braces sooner rather than later will help in the long run on so many different levels. It’s true that not everyone has straight teeth. There are millions of people in the US who have either misaligned, crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. The sole solution for correcting these issues is braces.

Teeth that are misaligned, crooked, crowded or gapped don’t happen late in life. They grow in this way at a very young age. This is why at Centra Dental, located in south Houston, we suggest getting braces at a young age. Some of our patients get them before hitting their teenage years. Most often, however, braces are worn by teenagers. In fact, approximately 75% of national braces wearers are teenagers.


As we mentioned, there are countless positives to getting braces early. Let’s go over them:

  • HEALTHY TEETH - When braces are worn early, like in the adolescent years, the teeth begin to straighten earlier, which helps keep cavities from forming in hard to reach places. The problem with misaligned, crooked, crowded or gapped teeth is that food is able to hide from the toothbrush and from floss. When teeth are straight and aligned close together, it makes it much easier to remove these particles and plaque buildup. This, in turn, ensures that cavities become much harder to obtain.
  • BEAUTIFUL SMILE - Braces create straight and beautiful smiles. For many, wearing braces do not take very long before their teeth become straightened. The wait time varies, but when it comes to being able to smile freely, it is definitely worth the wait.
  • CONFIDENCE - There are plenty of people who lack confidence because of their smile. It inhibits their ability to smile freely and can also keep them from being as outgoing as they would like to be. A healthy and beautiful smile often provides patients with an elevated self esteem.


There are plenty of reasons you may want braces for yourself or your child. At Centra Dental, we think now is the time to act on that desire and necessity. Contact us today and schedule your affordable braces appointment. Our Houston dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and walk you through the process of the braces procedure.