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Get Your Houston Braces Before Year End

Get Your Houston Braces Before Year End

As the year comes to end, now is the time to consider all that you may need for dentistry. At Centra Dental, we provide every type of dental procedure. One of our specializations is orthodontics, also known as braces.

Our south Houston dental clinic has provided great orthodontics to patients from all over the city. For those suffering from crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth, receiving braces is the best option for achieving a straight and beautiful and healthy smile.


At our dentist office in the southwest Houston area, each patient is provided a thorough evaluation of their teeth. Our dentist will examine each tooth and prescribed precisely what is needed to straighten the teeth. This is the best time for patients to ask any questions or have any of their concerns addressed.

There are always varied questions from the patient. Here are some of the more common questions we receive from braces patients at our Houston office:

  • How long will the braces take to straighten my teeth?
  • How much will the braces cost?
  • What will it feel like to wear braces?
  • How often do I have to come in for a braces adjustment?
  • Will I have to wear a retainer after the braces come off?
  • How do I conduct upkeep of my teeth while the braces are on?

All of these questions will be answered by our dentist and in thorough detail. Not all of these questions come with the same answer because all teeth are different. So be ready to ask any question regarding braces.


Come to Centra Dental for the best price and service in braces. We promise that you will be satisfied with the outcome and we ensure that you will always have someone to provide answers and assistance every step moving forward to a great smile. So come in today before the 2017 year comes to a close and get your braces at our dental clinic in southwest Houston.