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Early Orthodontics Affected by Lack of Dental Visits

Early Orthodontics Affected by Lack of Dental Visits

In our previous post, regarding adults and children not visiting the dentist enough, we discussed how a trend takes place when adults do not prioritize dental visits. The statistics presented by the American Dental Association demonstrated how only slightly more than 50% of adults consistently visit the dentist on the recommended basis (every six months) converts into almost the same amount for children.

At Centra Dental, we see that as a problem for the general health of teeth. Our south Houston dentists focus on pediatric dentistry because we understand the value of children’s teeth. We work to prevent or eliminate cavities and periodontal disease in kids. Our goal is not simply to have adults and children visit the dentist for prevention purposes, but to educate our dental patients on how to best take care of their oral health. Many patients grow up not understanding the importance of brushing twice daily, and flossing and rinsing daily.


Visiting the dentist as a kid is very important because of what is learned about teeth. It is also important because the pediatric dentist can find potential problems that can be addressed and fixed.

Early ortho is part of the process of addressing problems before they cause real harm. Most people do not develop perfectly straight teeth. There are millions who have crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth. These issues can allow for food particles to become hidden in hard to reach areas of the teeth, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

At Centra Dental, we believe in the effectiveness of early ortho. Correcting teeth that suffer from these problems will help with the patient’s oral health in the long run. Straight teeth enable patients to keep every area of their teeth protected from plaque, food particles, and other issues.

What needs to take place in order to best protect teeth in our younger patients is that older patients need to understand the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis.


If your child is in need of a pediatric dentist, then contact our south Houston dental office today and schedule an appointment. Early ortho is a major part of what we do at Centra Dental. Allow us to address any orthodontic problems you or your child may have.