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Dental Insurance: Your Own Personal Christmas Gift

Dental Insurance: Your Own Personal Christmas Gift

Everyone would like to have money for Christmas. Your dental insurance is practically that. Since Christmas Day is only days away and the end of the year is less than two weeks away, now is the very best time to use your dental insurance.

Your dental benefits enable you to afford various dental procedures that you otherwise might not be able to afford. If you have 2017 dental benefits that haven’t been used this year, don’t let them go to waste. Schedule your dental appointment now before it is too late and your dental insurance renews on Jan. 1.


Here are just some of the oral procedures your dental insurance can cover:

  • TEETH CLEANING: A dental cleaning is paramount when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. Getting your teeth thoroughly cleaned every six months helps stave off hard to remove plaque. Plaque can eat away at the enamel of your teeth and create cavities.
  • DENTAL FILLINGS: If you have cavities already, then those need to be removed before they spread wider and deeper. Our southwest Houston dentists will remove the cavities and replace those areas with dental filling. This helps strengthen the tooth and ensures it remains healthy.
  • DENTAL SEALANTS: These are a great idea for kids (and adults too) because it helps ensure they don’t get cavities. Dental sealants cover molars and protect them from plaque. They typically last about two years and then need to be reapplied.
  • DENTAL CROWN: In the event you don’t have dental sealants and the cavity has done more damage than we’d hope, then dental crowns would be best for you. When tooth decay heavily impacts a tooth, the decay is removed, leaving only the healthy and vibrant part of the tooth. The remaining part of the tooth is then covered with a dental crown, which is made of porcelain or composite resin.


For any and all of your dental needs this Christmas time, come to Centra Dental. Our southwest dental clinic is here to ensure you enjoy the rest of your year and the years to come, and that you get the most out of your dental benefits.