Braces: The Best Treat for Your Kid This Halloween

Braces: The Best Treat for Your Kid This Halloween

The most frightening time of year (sort of) is coming up: Halloween. So there will be a lot of trick or treating going on. One of those treats should be braces. Of course, not in the bowl of candy being doled out, but for your kids at our awesome dental office in Bellaire.

Let the end of October be the time where your child received their best treat: a beautiful and healthy smile. This can easily happen with braces.

Braces at Centra Dental are very reasonably priced and are the strongest available. Our dentists are able to thoroughly analyze your child’s teeth and see exactly how long the braces will take to straighten their teeth. The average time is between 12 and 24 months, but it all depends on the extensiveness of the case.


At our southwest Houston dental office, our dentistry staff understands the importance of having straight and aligned teeth. Having a straight smile ensures that food particles, like Halloween candy, have a hard time getting stuck in hard to reach places or between teeth. This helps fight against plaque buildup, which directly leads to cavities and gum disease (periodontal disease).

When parents choose to get their children braces, there always plenty of questions that need to be answered. Our dentists have heard and answered them all and are more than willing to provide all the information required. We want every patient to go into the procedure of receiving Houston braces with as much knowledge and understanding as possible.

So once the bag of candy has been filled to the top, come to Centra Dental to get the best treat of the year. This is one treat that will last much longer than chocolate and will also provide way more smiles. Contact our dental office in southwest Houston today. We look forward to providing your child with a straight and healthy smile.