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The Best Time for Our Houston Kids to Get Dental Braces

The Best Time for Our Houston Kids to Get Dental Braces

If you have a pre-teen or teenager, chances are you've noticed that their friends have been getting braces. Perhaps you're considering them for your child, too. We encourage it while they are young because it's best for kids to get braces between the ages of 10 and 14. Here's why.

All Baby Teeth Have Fallen Out

When your child's milk teeth have finished falling out, the rest of their permanent teeth, which are also known as "adult teeth", have already begun to emerge. The greatest benefit to waiting until this age for dental braces is that, when your child's adult teeth have emerged, their jaw has become more stable. Before investing in Houston braces, we recommend you come in for an evaluation with our South Houston family dentists. Our skilled dentists will be able to spot out any potential issues that may arise before they actually do, such as crowding, excessive spacing, and overbites. If not addressed, these issues can cause problems that interfere with their day to day dental health. Coming in for a consultation will ensure our dentists plan the correct treatment for your child. One more reason we recommend for your child to get braces between 10 and 14 years old is because they will be much more comfortable throughout their treatment, as they will not have to worry about gaps and emerging teeth while wearing their braces.

Your Child's Head and Mouth are Still Growing

The most important reason why we tell our South Houston patients to get braces at such a young age is because at that age, their heads and mouths are still growing. This allows for very easy moldability, which results in straighter teeth in a shorter amount of time. Their teeth and jaws are still moving, so the braces they wear will smoothly guide their teeth into the right position. Although we also offer braces for adults, we find that sometimes their treatment can take a bit longer than their child's treatment. This is mainly attributed to the fact that for adults, their permanent teeth have been in place for far longer, so it will take some extra time and effort to guide them toward the correct alignment. 

Getting Houston Dental Braces Early Will Increase Your Child's Confidence in the Future

We understand that ages 10 through 14 are highly developmental years, so some of our patients may not be excited to get braces. However, the earlier they get them, the shorter the treatment. Additionally, when treatment is over and they see themselves with straight, healthy teeth and no discomfort whatsoever, it will be well worth it. When kids finish their treatment, they experience a new level of confidence that positively impacts the rest of their lives.