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Benefits of Getting Houston Braces at a Young Age

Benefits of Getting Houston Braces at a Young Age

Dental braces are designed to help to straighten your child’s teeth and bite issues, improving their smile and oral health, which is why many parents ask our South Houston dentists when to begin such a beneficial treatment. While dental braces can be an effective treatment at any age, there are significant advantages to getting braces at a young age. 

When To Begin Braces Treatment WIth Our South Houston Family Dentist

Dental braces take time to shift teeth into the proper position, and the older the patient, the longer that process takes. Children’s jaws are still growing, which means their teeth move with more ease than those of an adult, making it possible for metal braces and even Invisalign to be effective treatments in a shorter period of time. For this reason, we recommend your child receive their first orthodontic evaluation when they’re around 7 years old, as this is when our South Houston family dentist can begin to determine how your child’s teeth and jaw will develop. While most patients won’t get their dental braces for another few years (typically when they’re between 10-14 years old), it’s important to monitor ongoing changes in your child’s bite and alignment, as well as establish a trusting relationship between our South Houston dentist and your family.

Which Houston Braces Are Right for My Child?

There are a few options for dental braces at our South Houston pediatric dentistry office:

  • Metal Braces: metal dental braces are the most common option to correct your child’s malocclusion. They are composed of metal brackets that our South Houston family dentist affixes to each tooth, which are then connected through a thin wire that is tightened every few months to slowly shift your child’s teeth into the proper position.
  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces but they are made from clear or tooth-colored ceramic, so they aren't as noticeable as metal braces, making them a popular choice for parents and kids. 
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a series of clear retainers that are custom-designed and manufactured to fit your child’s teeth and gradually realign them over time. Because they are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating and drinking, Houston Invisalign is a less invasive option for minor or moderate malocclusion. That said, these retainers can easily be lost by younger patients, so keep that in mind when weighing this option.

Our South Houston dentist can discuss each of these options with you and help you decide which type of Houston braces are right for your child.

Centra Dental Is Your Best Choice For South Houston Pediatric Dentistry

When you’re ready to talk about the next best steps for your child’s Houston braces treatment, schedule a consultation with our South Houston family dentist today. We can weigh the pros and cons of each treatment option, as well as examine your child’s mouth to determine which approach is best for his/her individual needs. Don’t put off the opportunity to give your child a confident, healthy smile!