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A comparison of Invisalign and metal braces

Are Metal Houston Braces Better Than Ceramic and Invisalign?

Achieve a brighter, more confident smile when you get dental braces! Centra Dental offers different types of Houston braces to correct crooked teeth and bite problems. Why choose Centra Dental? We embrace your smiles. Our top-rated dentists perform all types of vital dental services while ensuring a stress-free and pleasant experience for you. We have surgically clean air circulating our facility and practice the highest standards when it comes to your safety. If you’re interested in our orthodontic services, continue reading below to know which solution is best for you. 

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been around for decades because they are effective in correcting misaligned teeth. Steel brackets are cemented onto the teeth and linked with a thin wire. Metal dental braces are the most common choice for children and teens. 

  • Pros – Puts the strongest pressure on teeth compared to other types, making them the most effective for severe cases. Metal braces are highly durable and the cheaper option.
  • Cons – They are the most visible and easily noticeable in public and in pictures. The steel material can cause discomfort in the inside of the cheeks but is addressable using dental wax. Metal braces may be harder to clean than the other types. 

Ceramic Braces

More and more adults are choosing the ceramic type for their Houston dental braces. Ceramic Houston braces are translucent in color, making them less obvious than metal ones. However, they’re not recommended for very young patients because they are less durable, and kids may easily damage them. 

  • Pros – More effective than Invisalign in addressing serious dental issues. Ceramic braces are more comfortable because there are no wires. They resemble the natural color of teeth, so they are less noticeable.
  • Cons – More expensive than traditional braces. They move teeth more slowly and may not be recommended for extremely crooked teeth. 


The latest type of Houston braces to be invented is Invisalign. This type is very popular among adults because they can barely be seen and they are removable. Invisalign resembles mouth guards and are custom-made for you. They are considered as clear aligners, which you can remove when eating, taking pictures, attending events, etc. 

  • Pros – The biggest advantage of Invisalign is its clear appearance. You can easily remove them and put them back in place.
  • Cons – Invisalign is less effective in treating severe cases of misalignment and bite issues.  You also need to have new Invisalign braces fit every two weeks. So if you have a busy schedule, you may want to consider other options.

Which Houston Braces Are Right for You?

Now that you have more information on the pros and cons of the three types of Houston braces, which one do you think will best suit you? Visit Centra Dental to get a better assessment! Our Houston family dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and may need to take a mold and X-ray. Start your treatment toward a brighter smile! Schedule an appointment with our Houston dentist today.