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A Houston dentist adjusting dental braces

Answering Your Houston Braces FAQs

Dental braces are an effective way to align and straighten teeth, correcting their position based on a patient’s bite. If you or your child is considering getting Houston braces and you want to know more about them, Centra Dental has prepared answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the types of Houston braces? 

There are three main types of dental braces: traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and clear aligners like Invisalign. Metal and ceramic braces involve brackets that are cemented onto your teeth and connected together using wires. They are recommended for moderate to severe dental issues. Invisalign is the removable kind and is suitable for milder cases.

Which type is right for me?

Our Houston dentist will do a thorough examination and create a treatment plan that will get you the best results. The type of braces we’ll recommend will depend on several factors, such as the severity of your case. Age also plays a role, as clear aligners aren’t recommended for young children whose teeth have not yet set in. Your preferences will also be taken into account; metal braces are a lot more visible than Invisalign.

How do Houston braces work?

Dental braces work by applying constant pressure on the teeth, causing them to move slowly into their correct positions over time. The bones and tissue surrounding the teeth also change formation. Regular monthly adjustments made by our Houston dentist ensure continued pressure and guidance for the teeth to move in the desired direction.

Do Houston dental braces hurt?

Patients will feel pressure and discomfort on their teeth for 3 to 4 days after an adjustment. This means that the braces are working. Metal braces also tend to cause more pressure than clear aligners. Constant tightening is important to keep your treatment on the right track.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Treatment duration will vary depending on the severity of your dental issues and the type of braces you’re wearing. Patients usually wear Houston braces for a year, which could extend to 3 years or more. Make sure to show up for your appointments so you don’t extend your treatment period more than necessary.

Are there foods I can’t eat?

If you’re wearing metal or ceramic braces, there are certain foods that you should avoid, including sticky and hard treats. When you’re wearing braces, food tends to get stuck more easily, leading to bacterial growth. You should also avoid biting into hard food so you don’t damage your braces. If you’re wearing Invisalign, there are less food restrictions since your aligners are removable.

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