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Can You Afford Braces? At Centra Dental, You Can!

Can You Afford Braces? At Centra Dental, You Can!

Some people think of braces as an extravagant expense, but at our southwest Houston dental clinic we have worked to ensure that just about everyone can afford braces. With 3M metal braces starting at less than $2,000 and with flexible payment plans, Centra Dental offers top-of-the-line affordable braces.

Braces have become a necessity for many people who suffer from severely gapped, misaligned, or crooked teeth. When braces are applied, teeth are able to straighten conform to correct alignment, which makes it easier for patients to chew, speak, and maintain their oral health, like brushing and flossing. At Centra Dental, we are always concerned about the health of our patients’ teeth and overall oral health.


If teeth are severely misaligned or gapped and are causing health concerns, quite often the dental insurance plan will cover either the entire braces treatment or a large portion of it. If you have dental insurance and are struggling with the misalignment or gaps in your teeth, then you should consider applying your dental benefits to an orthodontics treatment.

Our southwest Houston dental clinic accepts most dental insurance plans. We also accept Care Credit. Our primary initiative is to help you obtain the necessary dental procedures to keep your oral health in pristine shape. This is why we work with every patient, regardless of their budget constraints. Customizing our customer care is just part of what makes Centra Dental a fantastic dental clinic.


For patients who are ready to receive their orthodontics treatment, we offer 3M metal braces and Invisalign braces. Invisalign are clear plastic tray aligners that make wearing braces practically unnoticeable.

Ready to get your smile looking straight and beautiful? Contact Centra Dental today and schedule your orthodontics appointment. We will place you on an ortho plan that will have you smiling.