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Start 2018 with a New Pair of Braces

Start 2018 with a New Pair of Braces

The new year is officially here and there is no better time than now to get a set of braces from Centra Dental. Our southwest Houston dental office has all the braces you and your family members would want and at an incredibly low price.

Affordable braces in Houston are hard to find, but Centra Dental has them. Our oral metal braces start at just $1995, making them very affordable. Braces are a huge part of culture today because everyone wants a straight and beautiful smile.

The dentists at our dental office work well with kids and adults alike. Getting early orthodontics for kids is a big step in the right direction for their dental health. Braces can help stave off so many oral problems. Here are just some of the ways braces can help your kids’ teeth remain healthy:

  • PLAQUE BUILDUP: The buildup of plaque is always a concern for anyone, especially when it can easily hide. Braces help move teeth closer together and in order, enabling them to keep food from collecting and plaque from building up. This helps fight against cavities and gum disease.
  • STRENGTHEN TEETH: Just like in anything, you are stronger when you stand together. When teeth are moved closer together, they become stronger. When teeth are gapped and stand alone, they aren’t nearly as strong.
  • EASY BRUSHING: Orthodontics were created to make teeth straight and aligned. When teeth are aligned, it becomes much easier to brush teeth thoroughly. This is because the bristles on toothbrushes are able to move in simple patterns, covering each tooth, rather than having to work around the divots and humps of misaligned teeth.


If you or your loved one needs braces, then contact our southwest Houston dental practice and schedule your orthodontics appointment. Our friendly dentists look forward to providing you and your family with straight, healthy, and beautiful smiles with affordable braces.