Lumineers have become a major part of cosmetic dentistry. These thin shells are able to cover up various aesthetic dental issues, like stained teeth or chipped teeth. At Centra Dental, our primary goal is to ensure every patient has a beautiful and healthy smile. For many, Lumineers have become the solution.

This cosmetic dentistry option enables patients to resume normal oral functions. They protect vulnerable teeth and strengthen weak teeth. Lumineers are made of Cerinate, which is the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic porcelain available. These long lasting cosmetic dentistry options have a lifetime of approximately 20 years.


Here are just some of the reasons why our patients choose to receive Lumineers:

  • Chipped Teeth: For patients with chipped or broken teeth, our southwest Houston dentists will ensure the chip or break is filled with dental filling to protect the tooth from cavities, and will then place the Lumineers to cover the tooth.
  • Crooked Teeth: Instead of braces, Lumineers can be used to make your smile appear straight. Lumineers will be placed over each tooth to give you pearly straight teeth.
  • Gaps and Spaces Between Teeth: Sometimes gaps in teeth are unsightly. To bridge the teeth together and create a properly aligned smile, Lumineers are used.
  • Previous Dental Procedures: If a previous dentist did a terrible job with a dental filling, dental crown, or some other dental procedure, leaving your smile suffering, then Lumineers can cover up those issues.
  • Small or Misshapen Teeth: There are times when genetics play a role in how our teeth come in. Some of our Houston patients have small or misshapen teeth. These aesthetic issues can be resolved with Lumineers.
  • Stained and Discolored Teeth: There are several options for taking care of stained or discolored teeth at Centra Dental, which also include teeth whitening or Snap-On Smile. Placing Lumineers over darkened teeth is a fast, long-term solution.

If you have any of these dental issues that you would like to have corrected, our dental clinic in southwest Houston is here to help. It only takes two dental visits to receive your Lumineers. The first visit allows us to take impressions of your teeth to ensure your custom-made Lumineers are a perfect fit. The second visit is when you try on the Lumineers and ensure they are just right.

If you are interested in receiving Lumineers, contact Centra Dental today and begin smiling bright.