Summer Is the Best Time for Kids Braces

Now that school is out, it’s the best time for kids to get their braces on. Kids often have teeth that have grown in crooked or gapped. A simple way to fix these issues is through braces. At Centra Dental, we have extremely low prices for braces starting as low as $1995.

The summertime is great time to bring the kids in for dental checkups to see if braces are right for them. If kids are conscientious about their smiles or struggle with proper oral hygiene due to gapped or crooked teeth. Our south Houston dentists wish for every patient we encounter to have beautiful and healthy smiles.


Traditional metal braces and ceramic braces can cause big changes in appearances. Choosing the summertime works best because kids can get comfortable with these braces at their convenience. From the feel to the appearance of braces, kids can show off their braces to their parents and family members, as well as close friends and begin to feel confident about having them on.

By the time school starts back up, kids become very comfortable with their braces and don’t even think about the fact they are wearing them. It becomes second nature to have them on.

Typically braces only take 12 to 24 months to complete their work. Quite often, when kids get their braces during the summer, they get them taken off the next summer or two summers from when they first got them. This gives kids even more to look forward to with summer.


If your child needs braces, then contact our south Houston dental office today and schedule their dental appointment. We look forward to providing you a great braces experience at a very affordable price. Have a great summer!