Different Braces for Different Needs

Every patient we see at Centra Dental undergoes a thorough evaluation. Our dentists ensure that each and every client receives the proper care and a precise diagnosis.

This is incredibly important for conducting orthodontics. Orthodontics is when we use braces to straighten crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth. Not all teeth are the same, therefore not every diagnosis is the same.


Our southwest Houston dentists have encountered every type of orthodontic need, ranging from malocclusion to heavily gapped teeth. We also provides braces for every age group from kids to adults. We highly encourage those who need braces to receive them at an early age.

The reason braces are best for younger patients is because their teeth are able to shift easier. The easier teeth are to adjust, the quicker teeth will become straightened. Our primary goal is to have teeth become perfected in as little time as possible. But sometimes, teeth are pretty stubborn, especially in adults.

For kids and adults, choosing traditional metal braces is the least expensive and the quicker method to shifting teeth into their proper place. The next option for having teeth adjusted quicker would be to choose ceramic braces. These are pretty similar to traditional metal braces, except they are more expensive, but they aren’t nearly as visible. In fact, from a short distance, it can appear as if the patient isn’t wearing braces at all.

Lastly is the use of Invisalign, which are plastic tray aligners. These clear braces are the most expensive and are typically made for patients with teeth that need less adjustment than what metal or ceramic braces are for. But this relatively recent dental innovation has been a game-changer because people are able to have braces almost unnoticeably.

These three options are available for every patient, but that doesn’t mean that any option will bring about the same end result in the same amount of time. This is why it is so important for every patient to undergo a thorough oral examination with our Houston dentist to understand what they can expect from their braces: this includes cost, appearance, and length of time. Our goal is to educate every patient about their dental procedure, regardless of what it is. Orthodontics is no different.

If you are interested in receiving braces, then contact our office today. Your dental evaluation will ensure you receive the right treatment moving forward.